Why is my WordPress Media Library not loading?

Why is my WordPress Media Library not loading?

February 16, 2019 luke 0 Tags: , ,

There it was. I had found it. The perfect, gorgeous home page image for this very site.

I downloaded the 8MB jpg file, ran it through tinyjpg.com, and prepared to upload to my media library.

Media > Add New

Nothing. Ok…

Media > Library

Nothing again. Crap.

Eventually I figured it out. So I thought I’d leave it here for when I inevitably run into it again.

My first clue was thanks to a kind contributor on the WordPress support forum:

Yep, I had inserted a few blank lines after a closing php tag in my child theme’s functions.php file.

Why would I have a closing php tag in the functions.php file? Well, that is a good question indeed, and possibly a subject for a future blog post.

Regardless, after deleting the closing php tag, the media library began to load and I decided to give this internet thing another try.

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